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 A  broken laptop or computer can become a struggle, especially when we’ve started taking our work home, and college projects have become more digital. Even the educational sector, today, functions with research and PDF. Hence, be it a professional personnel or a college goer, everyone needs a laptop or computer. This is the reason that a broken laptop or computer can become a nightmare. If you are facing such a situation and have no time to locate a laptop service center of a particular brand or visit one, we are here to fix this situation for you. Call Phoenix Solutions for laptop repair and we provide you with doorstep pickup and delivery. We provide services for all major brands (Lenovo, Dell, Sony Vaio, HP, Acer we ace them all. We replace your timing consuming search for Apple laptop/Desktop repair.

1) What if I am not satisfied with the computer/laptop repair service?

We offer 10 days Computer/Laptop Repair Service Warranty. In that case, you can always contact Phoenix Solutions by calling 9321323642 and request a revisit free of cost for Laptop Repair home service Mumbai for repeated issues.


2) For which all brands do you offer service?

Our professional computer technician can handle any brand for PC's and Laptops, including Acer computer repair at home, Toshiba Laptop service at home, Sony, Samsung, HP laptop service center, Asus laptop repair at home, and Dell computer repair services.


3) Do you repair Apple Products?

Yes, we do provide Apple laptop repair in Mumbai, but not all technicians give Apple products service. 


4) Can you offer laptop repair at home in Mumbai?

Yes, your computer or laptop issue will be resolved at your doorstep. We provide online laptop repair near me in Mumbai at affordable rates.


5) Do you sell computer or laptop accessories?

Yes, we do sell all accessories as we have partnered with Computer Dealers in Mumbai.


6) How do you charge for laptop repair at home in Mumbai?

Charges are purely based on the nature of the service. We ensure that our customers are getting the best possible solution and value for their time.


7) Can a laptop be assembled?

Assembling a laptop according to your requirements is pain, at least in India, but you do have the ability to upgrade its RAMs and hard disk from HDD to SSD. Get help from Phoenix Solutions.


8) Can a laptop battery be replaced?

Yes, it is easy to replace the external laptop battery, but if you want to replace an internal laptop battery, it's a little tricky.


9) Can we repair the laptop keyboard?

It's usually a better idea to buy a new keyboard. Make sure you buy a keyboard that is the same as your Laptop has in it or call Phoenix Solutions for a laptop keyboard replacement.


10) Why Laptop is not working?

If the Laptop doesn't turn on with the charger connected and the battery removed, it could be a charger problem. If the charger is ok, then there is a motherboard problem.


11) Why does a laptop hang?

Your Laptop is hanging due to many reasons like a virus on your Laptop, corrupt programs, low memory, i.e. RAM, and insufficient disk space in C-Drive or your Laptop is too old.

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